Satellite Products and Services Review Board

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SPSRB Oversight Panels

Oversight Panel Charter
OPSO Co-Chair
STAR or Other
Atmospheric Chemistry (ACPOP) Vaishali Kapoor Lawrence Flynn
Calibration (CALOP) Dejiang Han Fred Wu
Ocean Color (OCPOP) Banghua Yan Menghua Wang
Earth Radiation Budget (ERBPOP) Hanjun Ding Istvan Laszlo
Image, Cloud, Aerosol (ICAPOP) Michael Turk Dan Lindsey
Instrument Database (IDOP) Vincent Tabor Nancy Ritchey (NCDC)
Navigation (NAVOP) Dejiang Han Sam Chen (OSO)
Ocean (OPOP) John Sapper Eileen Maturi
Precipitation (PREPOP) Limin Zhao Bob Kuligowski
Soundings (SOUPOP) Awdhesh Sharma Fuzhong Weng
Land Surface (LSPOP) Gilberto Vicente Jerry Zhan
Services (SVCOP) Marlin Perkins James Heil (NWS)
Winds (WPOP) Hongming Qi Jaime Daniels

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